Feasibility Analysis

Explore the strengths and challenges from idea to reality. The Feasibility Analysis is an unbiased, comprehensive report that provides the developer with information needed to assess the viability of the specific spa project. 
  • On site evaluation of proposed location
  • Evaluation of competition
  • Identify project strengths and limitations
  • Industry analysis including business climate, local demographics, key demographic characteristics, present and emerging trends
  • Projected guest usage and recommended price points
  • Five-year financial pro forma that includes, recommendations for square footage recommendations, number of rooms and utilization, cost to build per sq. ft.
Concept Development

A clear concept becomes the "touchstone" of your project. It is the vision and philosophy that guides all aspects of development: architectural design, menu of services, products and wellness programs.
  • Work with project team to define the vision and philosophy that embraces the location, culture and personality of the area.
  • Design concept in line with your vision and philosophy. This distinguishes your project from the competition.
Spa Design & Development

The Design Document outlines the look, feel, and flow of the physical facility. It details the room types, material suggestions, operational flow, square footage recommendations, and signature design features.
  • Interface with project architects, landscape designers, interior designers and other project consultants to insure concept follow through, guest experience of space, and operational efficiency.
  • Recommend eco-friendly systems for the spa and hotel, saving money and the environment.
  • Attend relevant meetings to support the concept, make recommendations and provide operational advice.
  • Review blueprints and work with architect and interior designers making recommendations for efficiency of facility as it relates to guests and employees, guest flow, treatment programs, maintenance issues, back of the house and laundry issues.
  • Review design materials for maintenance, function and safety.
  • Provide list of furniture, fixture and equipment, suppliers and cost.
  • Interface with team members to create an opening timeline or critical path.
Menu & Program Development

In this stage of development a comprehensive menu of services is created. The concept is grounded in traditional healing modalities, local resources and current trends in wellness.
  • Create a menu of services that conveys the concept and philosophy of the spa.
  • Select and/or develop products for use in spa treatments and amenity program.
  • Create seasonal menu based on 4 seasons or local cultural events.
  • Write treatment protocols
  • Train staff in executing treatments
  • Interface with graphic designer to create spa collateral: menu, website, advertisement, and home program recommendation cards.
  • Develop special wellness education events or guest enhancement programs.
Spa Retail Development

Current industry trends indicate that spa guests seek to extend their spa experience by incorporating spa practices into their lifestyle. A spa retail program enables the guest to fulfill this desire
  • Recommend retail products, merchandise and vendors
  • Specify store layout and merchandising
  • Provide budgets, opening inventory projections and pricing
  • Specify product mix; clothing, skincare, gifts, etc.
  • Provide sales training and incentive programs
  • Create packaging design; bags, gift cards and gift-wrap design
  • Create a signature line of products consistent with spa concept and philosophy; packaging, label and product
Operation Development

Clear written systems are the foundation of a healthy, profitable business. Every aspect of the spa operation is defined and documented in this stage of development.
  • Create operating supply list, vendors and costs
  • Create employee or independent contractor compensation plan along with staffing guidelines
  • Create job description for all positions
  • Create standard operating procedures for all aspects of spa operation
  • Expedite all license requirements
  • Review spa software and make recommendations
  • Assist in creating operating budget
  • Create operating inventory control system
  • Create internal forms and systems
  • Hire staff
  • Recommend staff uniform design
  • Recommend linens, robes, and slippers
  • Create spa music playlists to reflect spa concept and philosophy
  • Create spa employee orientation program
  • Create daily report templates to insure budget guidelines are followed
Spa Opening Support

Personal, on-site support is given during the pre-opening and first days following opening.
  • Assist with spa software configuration
  • Lead staff orientation and training assuring high level of guest service that is infused with the spa philosophy.
  • Coordinate equipment delivery and set-up
  • Supervise the set up treatment rooms, prep rooms, retail and front desk
  • Create and implement systems to insure a seamless guest experience
  • Train staff in executing treatments according to written protocols
  • Train leads to be able to conduct future training of new staff
  • Work closely with team for a successful opening
  • Support staff for the first 3 days of operation
  • Training hotel staff on spa concept for a strong spa presence throughout the property
  • Work with hotel reservations department to promote spa
Post Opening Support
  • Review and make recommendations to create a spa culture throughout the entire property, i.e. turndown programs, room amenities, special services
  • Work with hotel sales department to create spa packages that appeal to leisure travelers and groups
  • Review marketing materials to reflect the spa presence at the hotel
  • Review and adjust signage
  • Phone and email support for the first 60 days of operation for Spa Director and Lead Therapist
  • Follow-up assessment of operation and treatments within the first 3 months of operation
  • Review procedures and assess treatments 12 months after opening to refine or update protocols
  • Train Spa Director and Lead Therapist in writing performance reviews of staff after 3 months and 12 months of operation