Menu Redesign

Redesign Menu of Services
  • Create signature products
  • Complete a competitive analysis and make provide recommendations
  • Update spa menu of services, write and train staff on new protocols
  • Create spa packages
  • Create wellness programs, special events and guest enhancement programs
  • Create a menu of services that conveys the concept and vision for the spa
  • Select and/or develop products for use in spa treatments and amenity program
  • Work with hotel sales department to create spa packages that appeal to leisure travelers and groups
  • Create seasonal menu, based on 4 season or local cultural events
  • Write treatment protocols
  • Train staff in executing treatments
  • Interface with graphic designer to create spa collateral: menu, website, advertisement, and product recommendation cards.
  • Develop a one-year plan for special wellness education events and guest enhancement programs.
Operation Assessment

Operation Audit
  • Assess strengths and challenges of existing spa
  • Through interviews with staff of key departments, identify areas of concern and develop plan for correcting deficiencies
  • Recommend and implement software system
  • Review booking procedures to insure optimal use of spa resources
  • Create or update job descriptions
  • Review revenue and operating expenses and implement practices to increase revenue, reduce operating costs and product waste
  • Review pricing structure and make recommendations.
  • Set goals for hotel capture rate, average revenue per guest, retail sales to treatment revenue, room utilization
  • Create, write and train staff in sustainable practices
  • Create operating supply list, vendors and costs
  • Create employee or independent contractor compensation plan along with staffing guidelines
  • Create job description for all positions
  • Create standard operating procedures for all aspects of spa operation
  • Expedite all license requirements
  • Review spa software and make recommendations
  • Assist in creating operating budget
  • Create operating inventory control system
  • Create internal forms and systems
  • Hire staff
  • Recommend staff uniform design
  • Recommend linens, robes, and slippers.
  • Create spa music playlists to reflect spa concept and philosophy
  • Create spa employee orientation program
  • Create daily report templates to insure budget guidelines are followed
Customer Service Upgrade

Standards of Service
  • Assess guest experience, create standards and procedures and train staff to insure the highest level of service and guest satisfaction
  • Educate hotel staff on spa concept and philosophy to create a seamless guest experience
  • Create cross marketing of spa with all departments of hotel
  • Review and make recommendations to create a spa culture throughout the entire property, i.e. turndown programs, room amenities, special services
  • Review marketing materials to reflect the spa presence at the hotel